Natalia Quinton

Natalia Cropped



Date of birth Wintraend II, 2056
Nationality Fleg Cesian
Family Elias Quinton (father)
Amelia Quinton (mother)
Place of residence Modrein Exe, Pocruia, Cesieteos
Occupation(s) Capitunal of Cesieteos
Gender Female
Race Friivian
Hair colour Brown

Natalia Quinton is the current Capitunal of the Meristeppic nation of Cesieteos. She proclaimed herself as the official leader of the nation after a one-year civil war, with her forces driving the opposition out of the country. Natalia succeeds her father, Elias Quinton, as head of Cesieteos, after his untimely death due to assassination.

Natalia is praised for taking a significantly different approach from her predecessors, focusing mainly on dealing with affairs within the borders and solidifying relations with more nations, including Harbitros. At the beginning of her presidency, Nataia publicly renamed the executive title to Capitunal, the name given to the leader of the nation behind-the-scenes.

Early Life


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