Nephilim-class Aercarrier

Harbian aercarrier2

Basic Information
Manufacturer Harbitros North Engineering
Type Aercarrier, aership
Production 1967-present
Number built 92 (as of 2085)
Wingspan 1,020.75 meters
Length 482.25 meters
Height 140.25 meters

A Nephilim-class Aercarrier is a large aership invented by Harbitros North Engineering in the late 1960s, during the Cold War. It is one of the largest avian vehicles ever to be created. Its name derives from the Isteroxian giants known as Nephilim


Concordian-Govindan War

During the Concordian-Govindan War, the Corporatocracy of Harbitros tested the Nephilim-class Aercarrier by filling it with Concordian avian vehicles and then flying over Govindan territory, scrambling its contents into action. The test run was extremely successful, and was done several more times, benefitting both Harbitros and Domi Concordia

War in Southern Askersia

In 2009, the Corporatocracy of Harbitros and the Atonement of Harmony invaded Southern Askersia after tracking down Varr-Iskad -- the Tullist terrorist group that had perpetrated the Dolor Friday Attacks in Raleigh, Harbitros. During the initial invasion, Nephilim-class Aercarriers were used to quickly transport various infantry from both Harbitros and the AoH. 

Invasion of Yappul

When Harbitros and Domi Concordia invaded Yappul to stabilize the nation and keep Tullists from conquering it, several Nephilim-class Aercarriers were used to transport Harbian and Concordian infantry into the nation. 

Campaign Against the Covenant

When Northern Askersia was rejuvenated with Nassi ideology and formed the National Socialist Covenant of Azium, the Corporatocracy of Harbitros sent several aercarriers to Azium filled with its own forces, as well as the AoH's, Domi Concordia's, and Eulumia's

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