Demesne of New Kertas

NK Flag2

Political Information
Demesnehood Brezniik IV, 1765
Nickname Kertas, Tricoast Demesne, Ole Industry
Official language(s) Mor Friivish
Demonym Kertasian
Capital City Ezlord
Largest City Ressarya
Geographical Description
Borders Culberne, New Wallace, Psaunder, Sunderras, Vahlhurst
Population 83,642,010 (est. 2085)
Miscellaneous Information
Motto "Freedom for business."
Arbiter Jack Vaseman (since 2070)

•James Dixon (since 2074)

•Matthew Kenzieton (since 2082)

•Sasha Olmoyer (since 2082)

Abbreviation NK
Website www.kertas.cor/

The demesne of New Kertas is one of the oldest demesnes that compose the Corporatocracy of Harbitros. When Avarice was first settled by the Theoavarists emigrating from the Kingdom of Zeiifunder, New Kertas became a colony for industry and construction. When the Eularbian Commonwealth was founded, it served a major demesne for industrial construction and manufacturing, but was eventually replaced as Harbitros expanded westward and northernly.

Insignia of Demesne

  • Demesne Reptile: Sea Turtle
  • Demesne Bird: Sea Gull
  • Demesne Fish: Spiny Lobster
  • Demesne Cryptid: Kertas Devil
  • Demesne Plant: Thistleweed
  • Demesne Insect: Cricket
  • Demesne Beverage: Zeifu Pomegrape
  • Demesne Mineral: Limestone

Top 5 Most Populous Cities

  1. Ressarya (c. 9.8 million)
  2. Ezlord (c. 6.4 million)
  3. Dogwood City (c. 2.5 million)
  4. Sand Dollar City (c. 1.45 million)
  5. Kanderdale (c. 795,500)

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