Demesne of New Sarasa

Clairedank Flag

Political Information
Demesnehood Threshannual XI, 1825
Nickname The Alien Demesne, Demesne of Sunburns
Official language(s) Mor Friivish
Demonym New Sarasan
Capital City Dune City
Largest City Bathe
Geographical Description
Borders Clairedank, Lupton, Mariturne, Mezzom, Sarsaparilla, Winsch
Population 37,064,520 (est. 2085)
Miscellaneous Information
Motto "Praeter."
Arbiter Timothy Harridan (since 2085)
Vicarians •Phila Massey (since 2082)

•Ashley Durchville (since 2078)

•Edgar Holt (since 2084)

Abbreviation NS

The Demesne of New Sarasa is a Harbian demesne located on the western half of mainland Avarice. The southwestern portion of New Sarasa has the Grand Winsch Desert within it. In 1956, an unidentified flying object crashed in the small town of Somberton, drawing global attention to not only the town -- but the entire demesne. By the 1960s, New Sarasa had jumped at the opportunity of promoting its own fame and had become entirely indulged in its alien fascination. This was particularly proven in 1973, when the flag of the demesne was officially changed to depict a grey alien among the desert landscape.

Insignia of Demesne

  • Demesne Mammal: Armadillo
  • Demesne Cryptid: Grey Alien
  • Demesne Insect: Winsch cricket
  • Demesne Plant: Poinsettia
  • Demesne Beverage: Rootbeer
  • Demesne Mineral: Alabaster

Top 5 Most Populous Cities

  1. Bathe (c. 1.5 million)
  2. Dune City (c. 973,930)
  3.  Malibrook (c. 495,300)
  4.  Grey Rock (c. 459,490)
  5. Somberton (c. 294,440)

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