Battle of Airenna
Embattled City

Mercenary Wars, Global War on Terror


Wintraend XXVIII, 2051 to Threshannual I, 2052


Airenna, Vorennta

  • Decisive Extrema Caeli defeat
  • The city of Airenna is heavily damaged
  • Hundreds of civilians are wounded or killed
  • Operation Havenbuster

The Corporatocracy of Harbitros

  • Legionnaire International
  • Harbian Eclipse Agency

Baeccan Syndicate

  • Concordian Armed Forces
  • Vorenntan Armed Forces

Extrema Caeli

  • Strebor Ekaj
  • Matthew Deyelles
  • Charles Tiller
  • Alexander Dunwall
  • Jaske Corin
  • Garnon Essias
  • Mohzeus Maliroy


  • 5,000 mercenaries
  • est. 200 operatives
  • 9 aerships
  • est. 130 aircraft

Concordian Armed Forces

  • est. 10,000 infantrymen
  • 30 perdial voxi
  • 135 aircraft
  • 10 war vessels

Vorenntan Armed Forces

  • est. 40,000 infantrymen
  • est. 25 tanks
  • est. 50 perdial voxi
  • 75 aircraft
  • 17 war vessels

Extrema Caeli

  • est. 21,000 mercenaries
  • 7 perdial voxi
  • 73 aircraft
  • 4 war vessels

est. 17,000 (including civilians)


The New Year's Eve Conflict, also known as the Battle of Airenna, was a largescale conflict that took place between Extrema Caeli and the combined forces of Harbitros , Domi Concordia, and Vorennta. It was the catalyst for Harbitros discovering the EC headquarters.

The Battle

Approximately at 9:00 PM in Vorennta's capital city of Airenna -- on New Year's Eve 2051 -- Extrema Caeli invaded with squadrons from both air and sea. Unlike their last city invasion in Cristucal, however, the capital of Airenna was heavily militarized and a large dogfight above the city quickly erupted, as well as naval battles out at sea and in the city's harbours. Around an hour later, Concordian reinforcements arrived. Near midnight and the turn of the new year, Harbian aerfleets also arrived to help fend off the assailants. 

A massive battle between Extrema Caeli and the combined forces of Harbitros, Domi Concordia, and Vorennta occurred until early Threshannual I, 2052 -- when EC forces began a fullscale retreat. Not wanting any further possible harm to befall civilians, the Corportocracy of Harbitros placed tracking beacons on the fleeing EC vehicles and personnel, and later followed in close pursuit to their headquarters

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