Basic Information
Type Multionational private military company
Industry Private security services
Founded 2038
Founder Samantha Dunwall (Midnight Samurai)
Headquarters Somewhere in San Locura
Area served Worldwide, mostly within San Locura and across Baecca
Key individuals

•Samantha Dunwall (Founder, former leader)

•Tenjo Akun (Leader)

Services Private security, defense, risk management, bounty hunting, mercenary deployment, assassination, martial arts training
Revenue c. $82.7 million (as of 2085)
Number of employees est. 3,650 (as of 2085)
Website www.nightfall.loco/

Nightfall is a Locuran private military company founded and led by the previously nameless Midnight Samurai -- whom later turned out to be Samantha Dunwall. It was founded in 2038 by the mysterious individual, and only accepted members who were fluent in Locuran martial arts. In the 2040s, the first 100 members trained new recruits. In the 2050, Nightfall was ranked the best quality PMC in San Locura

In 2056, Nightfall accepted a contract from the stateless military terrorist organization Extrema Caeli, allotting 350 of its members to them. Their leader, the Midnight Samurai, also joined with the 350 Locuran PMCs, as they had their own personal reasons in doing so. In 2059, Samantha Dunwall resigned as leader of Nightfall and went into hiding shortly after the end of the Vanburgh War. Those who escaped being killed or captured during the various EC campaigns were later arrested by San Locura and trialed in a dual-national trial, for both San Locura and Domi Concordia. Tenjo Akun, who had been a respectable member of the PMC and who had not accepted the contract to work for Extrema Caeli, became its new shogun. 
  • A Nightfall mercenary
  • A Nightfall mercenary using the water as a way of stealth
  • A Nightfall mercenary driving a motorcycle down the Locuran-Concordian Divide
  • Nightfall's leader, the enigmatic Midnight Samurai

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