Niranian Anti-Occupational Protests

Concordian Occupation of Azium


Aeostril XXVI, 2060


Cadinyar, Nira

  • Dozens of Niranian protesters injured
  • Tensions rise in Azium against the Concordian Occupational Forces

Niranian Protesters

Domi Concordia

  • Concordian Occupational Forces


  • Alexander Dunwall (Not involved)
  • Jack Sheldon (Not involved)

Anti-Occupational Protesters

  • est. 373 protesters

Concordian Occupational Forces

  • 7 patrolmen

1 dead, dozens injured


 The Niranian Anti-Occupational Protest Incident was a controversial event that took place on Aeostril XXVI, 2060. The event took place when seven Concordian occupational force infantrymen were patrolling near North Askersia's border with Nira. The city of Cadinyar, which practically ends at the border, was allowing protesters of the Concordian Occupation of Azium gather at the border. Upon seeing the Concordians, the protesters shouted profanity and screams anti-Concordian slang and phrases at them. One of the patrolmen, Corporal Warren Igma, abruptly opened fire on the crowd, using rubber bullets. The protesters immediately broke apart in chaos, and over 24 individuals had been wounded by the rubber bullets or trampling. One particular Niranian had been trampled to death by the fleeing protesters. 

After the incident became known across Azium -- and inevitably the rest of Junope -- tensions heightened between Azians and Concordians. Due to the injury of Niranians, Eulumia also publically spoke against the Concordian Occupational Forces -- the Isteroxian Union later backing this stance. The Corporatocracy of Harbitros, however, was unmoved and made no official statement.

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