The Nirusian-Dilorian War was a conflict between Nirus and Dilorian in the mid-1990s and part of the Tetrad State Wars. 

Nirusian-Dilorian War

Tetrad State Wars




Mainly Diloria, Nirusian-Dilorian borders

  • Stalemate
  • Diloria's industry and power is crippled
  • Indirectly causes the Tetrad Borders War



  • Kardas Almus
  • Alfonso Ra-Nul
  • Weilna Burboup
  • Kathlene Surraz
  • Frenipp Poffnar
  • Remmy Qao

Nirusian Military

  • 50,000 infantrymen
  • 160 tanks
  • 466 aircraft
  • 17 war vessels

Dilorian Military

  • 57,300 infantrymen
  • 113 tanks
  • 374 aircraft
  • 5 war vessels

est. 15,140

est. 32,500 (mostly civilians)

The War

On Lamenthrobust XVIII, 1994, the government of Nirus declared war on Diloria and within the same day invaded and captured a small village near the Nirusian-Dilorian border. From then on, the Dilorians fought virulently to try and push the Nirusians back into their homenation, but could not efficiently do so. In Solmonath of 1995, Nirus blockaded Diloria's only waterports, halting trade from Larusian nations. In the early winter of 1995, a campaign into the southeast of Diloria's by the Nirusian military succeeded and airbombers then proceeded to bombard Diloria's factories and power facilities located along the sandy coast, crippling industry and several power outputs. This caused the Dilorians to retaliate, pushing back the Nirusians onto the borders, where the rest of the war took place until Baey 1996. 

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