Norman Chessler
Date of birth Threshannual X, 2023
Date of death Threshannual X, 2083
Nationality Machinish Flag2 Machinish
Place of residence Raritag, Machinam
Occupation(s) Prezidant of Machinam, founder and former leader of the Chessler Unification Organization
Yearly income est. $5.3 million (by 2083)
Gender Male
Race Friivian
Height 1.73 meters
Hair colour Black
Handedness Right-handed
Modifications Mechanical augmentations:
  • Skin cover limb prosthesis
  • Circulatory regulation system
  • Respiratory enhancement implants
  • Pain inhibitors
  • Prosthetic spine
  • Cranial plating

Norman Chessler was the leader of the Chessler Unification Organization, a large organization consisting of paramilitary and market divisions. The goal of both Norman and his organization was to reunify Machinam during the Machinish Civil War, and to then become the leader of his homecountry. In 2056, Chessler succeeded in his goals and became the successor of Emil Briar, finally filling the prezidant vacany that had endured for seven years.


Norman in his office, 2062

Since becoming leader of Machinam, the economy has stabilized and has steadily been increasing in GDP every year since 2063. More foreign companies and brands have also begun being imported into Machinam due to Chessler's more capitalist economic plan. 

On his birthday in 2083, Norman Chessler was assassinated by Jack Boxer, and he was succeeded by Al Mano Union leader Jacen Mano.