Novis Miseria


Opened Threshannual I, 1971
Location Horn of Missurie, Domi Concordia
Type Maximum security prison
Capacity 50,000

Novis Miseria is one of the largest prisons in Domi Concordia, and is renowned as the toughest. It was opened in 1971 as militarization swept across Domi Concordia, calling for higher security precautions. The prison rests at the tip of the Horn of Missurie on the Sursa Peninsula. 

The original structure, however, was a Concordian fortress built in the mid-1700s during the Concordian Occupation of Convolusia. The fortress was used to overlook Convulic affairs, as well as to "re-educate" anti-Concordian activists. It was made null in the early 1900s, where it was turned into a tourist attraction. After the Concordian-Govindan War during the Cold War, however, Domi Concordia's transition into a fully-militarized nation brought forth new light to the retired facility, and allowed it to be reborn as a prison.

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