The Oil Array Incident was a an unprecedented attack on a group of Harbian oil facilities near the Dracohr Ocean by a group of unmarked assailants, in the midst of the Cold War.

Oil Array Incident
Oil facility incident

Cold War


Penulber IX, 1974


Harbian Oil Facility Array, western Austral Harbian Ocean

  • Two oil facilities are damaged, one entirely destroyed
  • Many individuals lose their lives
  • The Cold War intensifies

Oil Facility Array

Unnamed Assailants (supposedly the USR)

  • Earnest Enray
  • Wallaby Redders


  • est. 1092 employees
  • 3 eclipse agents
  • 9 helicopters
  • est. 200 infantrymen
  • 21 helicopters

est. 810

est. 32

The Event

On Penulber IX, 1974, a group of unmarked helicopters abruptly began firing upon a group of three Harbian oil facilities near the Dracohr Ocean. The workers, not sufficiently armed against the assailants, defended their workspaces virulently. Three Harbian eclipse agents were also present during the battle, and took to battling the covert helicopters. Thirty minutes after the attackers had arrived, one of the oil facilities was knocked into the sea after its main oil storage exploded in reaction to the attacks' collateral damage. By the time the Corporatocracy's reinforcements arrived, the unmarked enemies had left the area, leaving several hundred innocent oil workers dead or wounded. 

Several days of investigating led the Corporatocracy of Harbitros and the Harbian Eclipse Agency to believe that the unnamed attackers were under the United Soviette Republics' orders, and immediately the Cold War intensified with the fear that atomic war could initiate at any moment. 

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