Old Howitz Platforms


Basic Information
Owner Pannomoth
Type Strategic covert base of operations, remote headquarters; retired harbian oil array
Location Off the coast of east Aphrostan
Constructed c. 1960s; refurbished est. 2040
Length est 4.3 kilometers
Crew Unknown, est. 700+

The Old Howitz Platforms is a previously retired and abandoned Harbian oil array off the coast of east Aphrostan in the northern Zocuric Ocean. Sometime between the late 2030s and early 2040s, the mysterious organization Pannomoth refurbished the structures and utilized it as a base of operations.

What is known of the Old Howitz Platforms is that it is territorial, and threatens force or capture if any foreign entity enters its self-proclaimed jurisdiction. This has caused the Atonement of Harmony great concern, and in Solmonath of 2048 an official inspection was enacted. The AoH inspection came out with nothing useful to convict the strange oceanic compound of anything.

Soldiers of Pannomoth, however, have been allegedly spotted in Aphrostan and western Azium, though their goals and objectives are unknown. 

  • The alleged Pannomoth emblem, featuring a large-winged moth
  • The top deck of a medical platform
  • A helicopter being dispatched from Pannomersa
  • A cargo deck
  • A docking platform on one of the edges of the complex
  • A group of rescued child soldiers resting on the deck of a platform
  • Pannomoth soldiers at attention on a helipad
  • A landing platform on the Old Howitz Platforms
  • An advanced relay and intel radar
  • Several runways and bridges between platforms that make up the Old Howitz Platforms
  • Several platforms close together 1.3 kilometers from the command platform
  • Platforms and bridges on the edge of the Old Howitz Platforms
  • A housing platform for the various crew of Pannomersa
  • A close-up of one of Old Howitz Platforms' cargo platforms
  • The other side of a docking platform
  • One of Pannomersa's fuel depots
  • A docking platform
  • A platform that seemingly stores vehicles
  • An animal conservation platform within the Old Howitz Platforms

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