Olfros Flag (Remaster)

Political Information
Classification Democratic republic
Currency Olfriti Rande
Demonym Olfriti
National Animal Hyena
National Language(s) Latin
Capital City Yongu
Largest City Djabotu
Leader President Dreene Topaw
National Religion N/A
Geographical Description
Continent Baecca
Borders Antolutha, Bogo, Goreba Republic, Nisso, Watanda, Zenesia
Oceanic coasts Zocuric Ocean
Population c. 51.5 million (as of 2085)
Miscellaneous Information
Motto "Break through the chains."
Drives on the Left
Time zone (UTC-11)
Calling code +70
Member of Atonement of Harmony

The Republic of Olfros is one of the largest nations on the subcontinent of Aphrostan, located on Baecca. Along with Gahnia, Olfros' origins date long before the Hundred Years Desolation

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