Omniverge Multinational


Basic Information
Type Multinational corporation


•Biomechanical augmentation


•Artificial intelligence

•Consumer electronics

Founded Threshannual XXI, 2070
Founder Tobalth Ewengrund
Headquarters Raleigh, Asturica, Harbitros
Area served Worldwide
Key individuals •Toby Everson (Founder & President)

•Isaac Custer (CEO)

•Mike Fence (Chairman)

Products Nanomutations, nanorobotics, biomechanical augmentations, ostensible holographic projection devices, televisions
Services Robotic programming, nanotherapy, contract services, consumer repairs
Revenue c. $1.76 trillion (as of 2120)
Number of employees 34,354 (as of 2120)

Omniverge Multinational is a Harbian corporation founded by Tobalth Ewengrund in 2070. It was founded as the industry for nanotechnology began to expand and become extremely popular. Due to its immense success in the very year of its founding, many economists and stock traders have speculated that Omniverge would become Ekaj Autonetics International's main competitor by the end of the decade.

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