Basic Information
Owner Caeli Holdouts
Type Base of operations, abandoned research and science facility
Location Tranche Island, off the coast of Triflava
Constructed c. 1960s; refurbished est. 2060-2083

Onzième Ranch, or simply Onzième and Area O, was the secret base of operations for the Caeli Holdouts, and once an abandoned Soviette research complex. Sometime in the 1960s, the United Soviette Republics constructed a large series of buildings and facilities on Tranche Island, which is off of the coast of modern day Triflava. Unknown experiments and research was conducted in the various facilities, but it was abandoned sometime in the late 1980s, with most of the actual research taken. What remained on Tranche Island slowly rusted away, was destroyed by the elements, or became swallowed in overgrowth. However, in the 2060s -- nearly 80 years after its abandonment -- the struggling Caeli Holdouts discovered the secret island and made it their base of operations. From 2060 until 2083, the Holdouts then began to refurbish the many facilities and functions of the island, so it was fit for their plans.

In 2083, it was destroyed by a nuclear explosion during the Battle of Tranche Island, thus concluding the Resurgence War.

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