Operation Antivenin

Global War on Terror





  • Decisive IU and AoH victory
  • Eshasorr Rallekahn's presence is removed from Jerundusia

Isteroxean Union

  • Eulumia
  • Bohtan
  • Tieuxberia
  • Jaulabohr
  • Verall
  • Roulasvia
  • Cereus
  • Tierra del Sador
  • Tenegena
  • Telcasa


  • Atonement of Harmony
    • Jelunia
    • Domi Concordia
  • Jerundusia


  • Katherine Elouise
  • Heloise D'uelle
  • Amelia Benedetto
  • Rick Rezanda
  • Ishtar Fret
  • Andy Der-Mued

IU Defense Forces

  • 50,000 infantrymen
  • 175 tanks
  • 750 aircraft
  • 125 war vessels

AoH Peacekeeping

  • 15,000 infantrymen
  • 500 aircraft
  • 40 war vessels

The People's Military of Jerundusia

  • 11,780 infantrymen
  • 75 tanks
  • 90 aircraft
  • 10 war vessels


  • est. 10,000 insurgents

est. 19,000 (mostly civilians due to acts of terror)


Operation Antivenin, also known as the Jerundusian Insurgency, was a military operation carried out by the Isteroxean Union, with aid from the Atonement of Harmony, in order to rid Jerundusia of Tullic terrorists that had initiated an insurgence throughout the communist state, for the overall safety and benefit of Isteroxe.

The War

On Aeostril XII, 2023, a large explosion interrupted all traffic and business going on near Jerundusia's capital building. Immediately after, a large crowd of masked men and women began firing upon unsuspecting pedestrians and shouting overzealous Tullic phrases. Jerundusian police arrived and quickly subdued them, but the news of a large-scale terrorist attack in Jerundusia's capital traveled throughout Isteroxe, alerting the Isteroxean Union. Immediately, the organization deployed a large taskforce into Jerundusia to remove the insurgency to secure Isteroxe from invasion and infestation. The Atonement of Harmony also arrived in Jerundusia for similar reasons. Several months later, the insurgency had lost the majority of its members, causing the rest to either turn themselves in or covertly retreat out of the nation. 

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