Operation Cleanse
Anthrogenetics Top Scientist w Concordian Soldiers

Global War on Terror




Domi Concordia

  • Decisive Concordian victory
  • Mors'Quam is effectively dissoluted

Domi Concordia


  • Jaxson Philip Dunwall
  • Harold Bindley
  • Aliester Bray
  • Mortasa Furmeldihaz
  • Tarnik Duscha

Concordian Defense Forces

  • 72 infantrymen
  • 12 helicopters


  • 183 infantrymen



Operation Cleanse was a medium-scale operation by the Concordian Military against the Mors'Quam terrorist organization. The goal of the operation was to cleanse Domi Concordia of the terrorist organization.

The War

In 2028, a fringe organization of Tullist Askersian terrorists known as Mors'Quam attacked a small Concordian town, causing Jaxson P. Dunwall to plan for a counterattack. He contacted Fiscal Patriarch Strebor Ekaj and the Corporatocracy of Harbitros to purchase a large shipment of Harbian military-grade weaponry to combat the terrorists. Realizing the Concordian soldiers would also need to learn how to use them, he and the Concordian Stratocracy paid Dr. Aliester Bray -- a renowned Harbian doctor, inventory, and engineer -- to travel to Domi Concordia to teach how to use the weaponry. Bray made quick haste and was at the nearest Concordian base to the overtaken town within a day. With no time to lose, Aliester Bray taught the Concordians how to use the weapons and prepared them for the operation. Realizing he could help Domi Concordia even more after being briefed on the operation and its strategy, he requested that he personally lead the operation with guaranteed success. Jaxson, nervous about the entire stage, agreed and gave Dr. Bray full authority over the Concordian division. Another day of training and briefing went by, before Dr. Bray led the actual operation. Small fringes of Concordian soldiers encircled the town, whilst the main division waited for the terrorists to be chased from town. The surrounding soldiers successfully scared the Mors'Quam extremists away from the frightened civilians, and out of the towns' boundaries. Concordian helicopters then flew over a large hill and began to slaughter the terrorists besides a few, which they let run and followed to the Mors'Quam base of operations. There, the soldiers went in full force, slaughtering all soldiers and capturing any leader or standard member. Dr. Bray was commemorated for his strategic planning and execution of the operation and was financially rewarded by the Stratocracy of Domi Concordia. He returned to Harbitros, several days afterward.