Operation Housecleaning

HEA Operations


Hallowtempora of 2033 to Baey of 2034


Zocuric Ocean

  • The deaths of Lester Bastos, Felix Krukenberg, Ida Ozawa, Mau Chautzer, and Larry Reeves
  • The dissolution of Des Maines Inconnues

Harbian Eclipse Agency

Des Maines Inconnues

  • Charles Tiller
  • Monte Montero
  • Lester Bastos
  • Napov Tregli
  • Ida Ozawa
  • Mau Chautzer
  • 1 operative (Monte Montero)
  • 1 retired operative (Ted Weston)
  • est. 260 infantrymen
  • 1 submarine


est. 57

 Operation Housecleaning was a long-term black ops mission carried out by Eclipse agent Monte Montero and his mentor and retired operative Ted Weston. The goal of the operation was to finally destroy the elusive rogue Soviette cell that Ted Weston and Monte's father, Silverio Montero, discovered almost 20 years prior. 


In the late 2010s, Eclipse agents Ted Weston and Silverio Montero were tasked with tracking down and eliminating rogue Soviette cells that had escaped the collapse of communism in 1991. However, when they found a particularly intricate and powerful one -- known as Des Maines Inconnues -- they were spotted and captured. Only Ted Weston escaped alive from the Soviette clutches, and soon thereafter their mobile headquarters -- a prototype nuclear-armed submarine named SNS Trogotha -- vanished and was unseen again.

In Hallowtempora of 2033, however, the Harbian Eclipse Agency finally found a possible link to finding Dmeikar -- another nickname for the targeted Soviette cell. Hoping for success, the HEA sent special operative Monte Montero to trace the link and hopefully find and destroy Des Maines Inconnues. However, knowing the past of the mission's premise, Monte asked his friend and mentor -- Ted Weston -- to join him in following the crumbs lazily left behind by the Soviettes. 

The Operation

In late Hallowtempora of 2033, Monte Montero and Ted Weston tracked down the only known link to Dmeikar -- a Machinish underworld criminal and Ghost Web proprietor named Larry Reeves. They had tracked him down to the coastal city of Shuul Bampa, in Ikei. Upon greeting the Machinish con artist, there were no obvious leads. However, Monte shuffled through his computer until he found details. With the evidence, the Harbians forced Larry Reeves to divulge other information on the Soviette fugitives. The Harbians then carried on with their mission, leaving Reeves under house arrest by other HEA agents.

In the midst of Wintraend, Monte Montero and Ted Weston were coming closer to finding the present whereabouts of Des Maines Inconnues. Meanwhile, in Ikei, a squadron of Dmeikar soldiers killed the HEA agents imprisoning Larry Reeves and kidnapped him. However, the soldiers also destroyed his Ghost Web criminal syndicate and scorched his entire room, along with the the condominium it was a piece of. This sudden turn of events brought Montero and Weston back to Ikei, and several new pieces of evidence led them on a hot pursuit behind the crew of SNS Trogotha.

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