Operation Lunch Money

Mercenary Wars, Global War on Terror


Penulber XIX, 2049


South Askersia

  • Decisive Harbian victory
  • All nuclear devices within the storage are retrieved by Harbitros

Alt Harbitros Flag2 The Corporatocracy of Harbitros

  • Legionnaire International

Extrema Caeli logo2 Extrema Caeli


Alt Harbitros Flag2 Matthew Deyelles

Extrema Caeli logo2 Mohzeus Maliroy

  • 10 infantrymen
  • 3 aircraft
  • 34 infantrymen
  • 2 aircraft



Operation Lunch Money, also simply OLM, was a successful Legionnaire operation against Extrema Caeli in late 2049.

The Operation

On Penulber XVIII, 2049, the Harbian Eclipse Agency intercepted a relay message from Extrema Caeli to one of its secret outposts, which was revealed to be in inland Southern Askersia. The HEA hastily notified Matthew Deyelles, whom in turn sent a small squadron of Legionnaire mercs -- stationed near the coordinates -- to infiltrate the Extrema Caeli outpost and incapacitate its members. The following day, the Legionnaire mercs arrived to their mission location -- an abandoned storage facility in the Askerskan tundra. 


One of the cases within the storage, containing eight disassembled mini-nukes

Upon entering it, the resident Extrema Caeli members fired upon the Legionnaire mercs. A firefight ensued, ending in 29 of the 34 confirmed infantry being killed -- and the remaining being wounded and later arrested. However, upon investigating the facility, the Legionnaire mercs soon discovered that Extrema Caeli had a collection of over 240 miniature nuclear devices. Upon this finding, the Corporatocracy of Harbitros immediately extracted all of the atomic weapons. However, with Extrema Caeli confirmed to have small-scale nuclear capabilities, the threat it poses grew exponentially.