Orien Taar

Orien Taar

General Information
Constructed c. -900

Metropolis, capital city

Location Information
Country New Vaeulia
Demesne Spendoural
Notable locations

•The Sanctus Atria

•Taarikacan Gardens

•Rer'sval Palace

•Vaeulian Museum of Culture and History

•Occidental Heights

•Soviette Mémorial Centre

•Entreprise Boulevarde

•Taar Tower

Societal Information
Population c. 7.2 million (As of 2071)



Orien Taar is one of the oldest cities on Junope, and the capital city of New Vaeulia. The city was constructed centuries before the composure of the Zabaeccan Empire, and did not immediately become part of the Zabaeccan Empire when it did come together and expand. The city has archaeological evidence of it being either entirely destroyed or incredibly damaged at least three times, one confirmed taking place in the Avarice Crusades, as the consequences of a Zabaeccan siege. The city's foundations and streets are composed of extremely old architecture, but newer, more classical and contemporary architecture and structures rest atop it, such as the Renaissancian Zeiifunder-style architecture and the more contemporary Eularbian-styled architecture.