Overseer-class Aership


Basic Information
Manufacturer Mancer Aeronautics
Type Search aership, reconnaissance ship
Production 2068-present
Number built 22 (as of 2085)
Length 81.45 meters

Several Overseer-class aerships in the skies above a city

The Overseer-class Aership is a reconnaissance aership manufactured by Mancer Aeronautics for use by the Harbian Eclipse Agency and Legionnaire International. Due to its design, an overseer-class only needs a minimum of nine people to maintain its necessary functions. Due to this, these aerships are quickly being utilized by the Corporatocracy of Harbitros for its intelligence-gathering and geopolitical missions. Unique abilities that the overseer-class aership has that others do not are: a large, infrared scanner that is able to scan a 15 by 15 meter area at a time. It also has capabilities of dropping explosives and emitting gas-based weapons of repellents, such as biological weapons and tear gas.

Due to the nature of Domi Concordia's rapidly expanding Concordian Occupational Forces, several overseer-class aerships have already been contracted for use in keeping an aerial watch on occupied lands -- mainly to further crack down on unseen crime and to make finding fugitives an easier feat.

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