PURE-C1 Patrol Droid

Robot Guard

Basic Information
Place of origin Harbitros
Year of creation 2053
Purpose Patrol, security, protection of civilians
Production History
Manufacturer Ekaj Autonetics International
Number built est. 34,674 (as of 2085)

The PURE-C1 Patrol Droid (Protection and Urban Robotic Enforcement Class I Patrol Droid) is an extremely advanced, as of 2058, AI-controlled droid developed and mass-produced by Ekaj Autonetics International since 2053. Their purpose was to create a fully effecient policing droid for the growing sizes of Junope's largest cities, as several of them have been seeing a decline in policing since the late 2040s. They have been mainly adopted by the countries of Harbitros, Domi Concordia, Frenoire, New Vaeulia, CirraineSan Locura, and even several Meristeppic nations.

The design of the PURE Patrol Droid is reminescent of 1950s era science fiction robots, and thus its design is to be familiar, nostalgic, and heartwarming to make civilians feel comfortable around it. 

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