General Information
Founded Unknown, est. late 2030s
Headquarters Old Howitz Platforms, somewhere off the coast of east Aphrostan

•Stateless military

•Military coalition

•Clandestine military unit



Battle Commander John Windsor (rumoured)
Active personnel est. 700+ (by 5054)

Pannomoth (also known as the Ocean Moth Military) is a small military organization founded in the late 2030s. Little is known of Pannomoth's origins. Conspiracy theories and rumours believe the organization is a splinter cell founded by the Corporatocracy of Harbitros, or more specifically the Harbian Eclipse Agency. Others point to the Isteroxian Union in an attempt at gaining secret influence in the surrounding region. Legends of its origins being of that it was founded by individuals who wanted to combat the growing evils international terrorism with their own medicine

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