Penumbra-class Aership

Harbian giantship3

Basic Information
Manufacturer Mancer Aeronautics
Type Commandship, aership, reconnaissance, aercarrier
Production 2071-present
Number built 3 (as of 2085)
Wingspan 1,705.7 meters
Length 473.5 meters

The Penumbra-class aership is a highly advanced aerial commandship designed and manufactured by Mancer Aeronautics for the Corporatocracy of Harbitros to use. Upon the first official Penumbra-class model being finished, it became the world's widest aircraft. Beside it having a spacious entire and massive, well-armoured wings -- the underbelly of every Penumbra-class aership is able to dispatch small drone jets that are controlled from the bridge. The first one of its kind, finished in mid-2071, has been put to use by the Harbian Eclipse Agency for clandestine operations.

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