Phantasm Repeater
Laser rifle1
Basic information
Type Experimental laser-blast rifle
Place of origin Harbitros
In service 2043-2075
Used by Harbitros, Domi Concordia
Production history
Designer Project Prismbeam Research Committee
Designed 2034-2052
Manufacturer Harbian Munitions Corporation
Number Built 7,878 (by 2075)

The Phantasm Repeater is a highly experimental plasmafusion laser-based rifle and a byproduct of Project Prismbeam. It was designed in 2034, but its first prototype came into fruition in early 2043. Since then, however, the weapon has undergone advancements and modifications to make it more potent, competent, and efficient in use. As of 2047, a select few highly-ranked Concordian commandos and special operatives have tested and used the Phantasm Repeater to test its efficiency in combat. 

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