Pink Gas Giant 1

Celestial Information
Sun(s) The Aubade Twins (Baratheas & Cilia)


Rotation approx. 17 hours 28 minutes
Revolution period approx. 149.4 years
Physical Information
Diameter 49,931 kilometers
Surface area 7,830,000,000 sq. km
Atmosphere composition by volume 62.8% hydrogen

24.67% helium
4.98% water vapour
4.34% bromine
1.7% vyodine
1.47% methane
0.026% hydrogen deuteride
0.014% ethane

Surface gravity 11.78 m/s^2
Core Liquid bromine

Rocky miscellanea

Polseus is the thirteenth planet from the Aubade Twins. It is a gas giant.

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