PolyWay Logo

Basic Information
Type International video network


•Video hosting service

Founded Junith XXI, 2006
Founder(s) •Stanley Kleinford

•Heather Plazco

Headquarters El Suerta, Pasoloca, Harbitros
Area served Worldwide
Key individuals

•Ginger Carmen (President)

•Ashley Millend (CEO)

•Dave Coron (Representative)

Slogan The People's Broadcast
Written in Cobra and proprietary EnigmaCode
Asero Rank 3rd

PolyWay is an international video network founded in Pasoloca, Harbitros in 2006. It was created for the purpose of freely broadcasting user-submitted videos on the internet. In 2008, however, after an immense increase in web traffic, ad revenue gave way to PolyWay partnership, where users with stable large sums of viewership could gain income from their videos. In 2012, the website directly influenced the rise in specified hardware for the growing gaming industry, due to it being a medium for users to play games as they commentate. 

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