Praelian Stalker


Basic Information
Manufacturer Beasts of War Initiative
Used by Domi Concordia
Type Tripedal biotech lifeform
Production 2067-present
Number built 107 (as of 2085)

The Praelian Stalker, also known as Specimen-W001, is a bio-engineered war machine created by the Beasts of War Initiative -- a joint bio-engineering research and experimentation program between the Harbian Eclipse Agency and the Stratocracy of Domi Concordia.

The praelian stalker's DNA borrows genes from various species, most prominently that of the frofem stalker. The DNA from this species is incredibly obvious, via its three thin legs and shell-protected body. It was designed to have two barrels -- a small, organic barrel that also operates a mouth, and a semi-organic barrel stemming from its underbelly. The ammunition it fires from either is self-replenishing projectiles created from within the body.

Due to their organic physiology, they are able to maneuver much more efficiently than mechanized artillery and vehicles. As a way of boosting total efficiency, stalkers also lack the ability to feel pain, and thus they do not act on animalistic self-preservation.

By 2070, praelian stalkers were being tested by the Concordian Occupational Forces in Suchaz and Vadrea to see the efficiency of social control.

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