Primondian Defence Forces

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General Information
Service Branches

•Primondian Army Unit

•Primondian Naval Unit

•Primondian Air Force Unit

•Primondian Coastguard Unit

Headquarters Port Prime, Primondia
Motto "Primed for Battle."
Budget N/A (by 2076)
Grand Commander of Primondia Haydon Aex Johnson (2039-2040;2040-2074)
Supreme Strategist Chago Huvez (2055-3075)
Military age 18 for voluntary service. Maximum age for enlistment is 30 for the Primondian Army Unit 32 for the Primondian Naval Unit, 25 for the Primondian Air Force Unit, and 60 for the Primondian Coastguard Unit.
Active personnel 1,007,314
Reserve personnel 871,007

The Primondian Defence Forces is the military of Primondia, and subsequently its nation's political dominator. At the end of the Concordian-Primondian War, the Stratocracy of Domi Concordia disbanded the PDF as it began to occupy the country.