Ragdoll Slayer
Nationality Unknown, presumably Vadrean
Place of residence Somewhere in Vadrea
Occupation(s) De facto serial killer
Gender Male
Race Friivian
Height est. 1.8 meters
Handedness Left-handed
 The Ragdoll Slayer, also commonly referred to by the media as Ragdoll, was an anonymous serial killer who became active after the Vadrean Depression began. His name refers to his physical appearance, which is a costume that covers his entire body save his left hand. Most notably, Ragdoll wears a mask that covers his entire head -- bearing two buttons as eyes and a zipper for a mouth. 

Ragdoll wielding a large bone to bludgeon victims

Ragdoll has been sighted carrying a large bone as his choice of weaponry, thoough it is evident that he also has a blade of some sort -- ipso facto victim autopsies. It is unknown who Ragdoll originally was, or if he is even a Vadrean citizen -- and little has been done by Vadrean officials, due to the lack of stability and morale throughout the nation. 

In 2057, Ragdoll was hired by the Harbian crimelord Alphonso Chaucer to be his personal hitman and enforcer. Now a member of the Famille de Sang, Ragdoll's notoriety and image allowed Alphonso to intimidate and influence even more people throughout Vadrea. 

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