The recognized elements, also known as confirmed elements and legal matter, are any documented and accepted element or form of matter observed in the universe. As of 2070, there are three natural types of legal matter: normal, antimatter, and dark matter. Despite no current proof to back up their claims, a rapidly growing group of Harbian and Isteroxean scientists also claim a hypothetical fourth type of legal matter -- "hybrid matter" -- could exist.

Normal matter and antimatter are composed of quarks and their negative equivalents. Despite having almost identical masses and other properties, if the two types of matter come in physical contact, they annihilate eachother and emit immense energy in this reaction. Normal matter is what composes Junope and all other visible astronomical phenomena seen in the Aubade System. There are currently 118 elements confirmed to be composed of normal matter. Antimatter, on the other hand, seldom occurs in nature -- and when it does, it is only in minute quantities. As of 2070, there are only nine antimatter elements confirmed by the scientific community.

Dark matter is composed of what is classified as a dark-shermion -- which is unique to the eight acknowledged shermions that compose normal matter and antimatter. The dark-shermions that create dark matter are cryptons -- and these subatomic particles are much more dense than quarks. As of 2070, there are only four confirmed dark elements.

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