Reuben Kale

Crime and Punishment

Suchaz Leader Later2

Date of birth Penulber XII, 2012
Date of death Junith IX, 2088
Nationality Suchaz Flag Suchese
Place of residence Fha Izeo, Suchaz
Occupation(s) Former Eminent Curator of Suchaz, former Delegate of Suchese Sociology
Yearly income est. $270,000 (as of 2060)
Religion Zhra Beilu (supposedly)
Gender Male
Race Sucheze
Height 1.68 meters
Hair colour Black
Handedness Ambidextrous
 Reuben Kale was the succeeding Eminent Curator of Eulas Krarev, who had resigned during the latter stages of the 2050s Fracas of Suchaz. Reuben took office and began to aid the economy, especially after the Machinish Civil War had ended. However, rather than relying on Machinam's mass imports, Kale pushed for Suchese-made products, to also promote the culture of Suchaz. Whilst serving as the Delegate of Suchese Sociology, Reuben Kale had secretly been amassing and reconstructing a Suchese army -- which would later reveal itself to the world in 2060 during the Suchaz Invasion of Meristeppe. This action would serve as the initiation of the Suchaz Crisis. 

Reuben testifying during one of the Post-War trials

By early 2061, the Baeccans pushed Suchaz out of Meristeppe and several weeks later initiated a counter-invasion known as Operation Severance. Though the Suchese military fought depserately to fend off Harbitros, Domi Concordia, and Cesieteos -- they failed, and Reuben was beaten and captured. He then had to stand trial in front of the governments of every nation his military invaded -- and then a trial amongst the leaders of the Capitalist Sanction. After being found guilty to every single crime he was charged with, he was sent to solitary confinement and life imprisonment in Novis Miseria.

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