Risaro Chapel Bombing

Chiesa di Risaro, Lago Risaro, Eulumia


Aeostril XXII, 2058

Attack type:
  • Bombing
  • Mass murder

13 (11 victims, 2 terrorists)


Extrema Caeli

 The Risaro Chapel Bombing was a terrorist attack carried out by Extrema Caeli on Junope Day, 2058. It targeted the Fatalist temple Chiesa di Risaro to both strike fear into the populace of Eulumia and other Isteroxean nations, but to purposefully defile a cultural icon and landmark. The bombing killed 11 civilians -- seven Fatalist priests, two fatalist nuns, and two visitors. Shortly after the bombs discharged, law enforcement from Risaro City arrived and a standoff within the forest took place, which left two of the EC perpetrators killed. Three were incapacitated and one surrendered. Besides the 11 civilian casualties, 18 others were wounded. Despite bombing Chiesa di Risaro, the chapel remained intact -- and was temporarily closed for renovation, ultimately causing Extrema Caeli to not achieve its goal. 

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