Rixam Rumble Coalition

RRC Logo v3

Basic Information
Type Public company
Industry •Professional wrestling

•Sports entertainment

Founded Junith X, 2044
Founder Charlie Tombslay
Headquarters Rixam, Domi Concordia
Area served Baecca
Key individuals

•Johnathon Comes (President)

•Scott Mosley (CEO)

Products Televized and live entertainment
Revenue c. $740 million (as of 2085)
Number of employees 1,881 (as of 2085)
Sister Rixam Rumble Multimedia

Rixam Rumble Coalition, also known as RRC, is a Concordian professional wrestling promotion founded by former professional wrestler Charlie Tombslay, who is also the founder of RRC's sister company, Rixam Rumble Multimedia.

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