The Robotics Morality Protocol, sometimes referred to as the In Manibus Nostris Law, is a coding concept developed by Harbian roboticist Henry Clansdel, in the 1960s. The Robotics Morality Protocol described a need for specific coding and programming within all sentient AIs to prohibit them from turning against humanity or their creators. Despite no robots being created with true sentience until the 2020s, Henry knew what robots were capable of if they ever reached that far into advancement. In the 2010s, as technology began to climax toward an inevitable technological singularity, the Corporatocracy of Harbitros passed a legal form of the Robotics Morality Protocol, making it regulatory that all robots and artificial intelligences have specified coding implanted to prevent them from going against humanity's best wishes. The Corporatocracy would also inspect the coding to confirm it had the Robotics Morality Protocol installed. 

In 2027, a year after the Technological Singularity, Harbitros persuaded the Atonement of Harmony into also adopting the Robotics Morality Protocol, placing all nations under its organization liable for all robotic products and inventions made. 

The Robotics Morality Protocol

The following are the points that the programming wants to enforce in all artificial intelligence, for the sake of humanity:

  1. No artificial intelligence shall be self-sufficient in killing. All instances of a humanly murder must be conducted through that of a human's command. (i.e. AI-controlled war machines)
  2. No artificial intelligence shall try and surpass the dominance of humankind.
  3. No artificial intelligence shall disobey the commands and inputs of their designated human or affiliation.
  4. No artificial intelligence shall allow itself to be stolen by an adversary of its designated human or affiliation -- and if such an event occurs, all eligible artificial intelligences must perform self-destruction.

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