SPV-77 Moonferry

Ship 2

Basic Information
Manufacturer Vista Galactic
Type Spacecraft, Junope-to-Moon transport
Production 2077-present
Number built 25 (by 2085)
Primary users Moon Betterment Project, Ambrosia Construction, Varlynne Mining Corporation, Harbian Eclipse Agency
Speed Mach 38.2 (top speed)

The SPV-77 Vista Moonferry -- also known as the SPV-77 Moonferry, the SPV-77, or simply the Moonferry -- is a highly advanced Junope-to-Moon transport spacecraft designed and manufactured by Vista Galactic. It is able to carry a maximum of 29 people within -- making the efforts of the Moon Betterment Project much more efficient. It is also the first spacecraft of its kind, and has created the precedent that all succeeding vehicles will follow.

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