Storko Drone

Basic Information
Place of origin Harbitros
Year of creation 2032
Purpose Deliveries and retrieval
Production History
Manufacturer Ekaj Autonetics International and Baron Digital
Number built est. 400,000 (by 2071)

The STORKO Delivery Droid is short robot with a blue-screen face. Its purpose is to deliver various things, as well as to retrieve them. The STORKO Delivery Droid is the result of co-operative designing and creation by Ekaj Autonetics International and Baron Digital. Within the first few years of their commercial release, they were bought and used by restaurants, especially pizza companies, to deliver food to customers. However, as of 2040, individuals have been buying STORKO Delivery Droids for their own personal use, after the price for them dropped substantially. 

In 2071, the STORKO delivery droid was officially retired. However, all companies and organizationst hat use STORKO delivery droids will likely keep using them until they become totally obsolete or cease to function.

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