Sam Mano
Date of birth Threshannual XI, 1997
Date of death Sepreindus X, 2081
Nationality Machinish Flag2 Machinish
Family Al Mano (Father)
Emma (Boxer) Mano (Wife)
Jacen Mano (Son)
Place of residence Carnnon, Machinam
Sevoura, Amdova
Occupation(s) Chairman of the Machinish Trade Committee, advisor to the Prezidant of Machinam, leader of the Al Mano Union
Yearly income est. $842 million (by 2081)
Gender Male
Race Friivian
Height 1.75 meters
Handedness Right-handed
 Sam Mano, or Big Sammy, was the leader of the Al Mano Union several years before the Machinish Civil War, as well as during and after it. He succeeded his father, the founder of the organization. Due to the secret criminal nature of the Al Mano Union, he is renowned as a major Baeccan crimelord, but due to how corrupt Machinam is, he has never been arrested. Likewise, he also has a penthouse in Sevoura, Amdova -- another incredibly corrupt country on Isterox.

In 2081, Sam Mano was found mysteriously dead in his penthouse in Carnnon. Several days into the investigation of Sam's death, it was reported that he had previously met with several members of the Zocuric Ocean's chapter of the Harbian Mafia.