Samantha De Meuro
Queen of Bellaluna and Dagio
Date of birth Hallowtempora XXVII, 1999
Date of death Junith III, 2082
Nationality Bellanian
Family Elvio De Meuro (Husband)
Claudette De Meuro (Daughter)
Miranda De Meuro (Daughter)
Place of residence Meurocasa Palace, Cittàreale, Bellaluna
Belleforteza, Lacustre, Dagio
Occupation(s) Queen of Bellaluna-Dagio
Yearly income $50 million
Religion Fatalism
Gender Female
Race Larusian
Height 1.68 meters
Hair colour Brunette
Handedness Ambidextrous
 Queen Samantha De Meuro was the ceremonial queen of both Bellaluna and Dagio, due to their intertwined history. Though she possesses little true authority over the government and politics of either nation, Queen Samantha played a vital cultural and social position, as well as a main attraction force for tourism. Upon her passing, however, she was not succeeded, and thus the Belladagian lineage ended, and neither country felt the need to rejuvenate it.

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