San Locura
San locura 982150
Political information
Classification Totalitarian autocratic technocracy
Currency Gold-Silver Tigeroc
Demonym Locuran
National Animal White Tiger
National Language(s) Mor Friivish
Capital City Kiyotari
Largest City Kiyotari
Leader Enzo Takahashi
GDP est. $17.35 trillion (as of 2085)
National Religion N/A
Geographical Description
Horizontal width 2,434.94 km
Vertical length 8,024.55 km
Total Area 4,829,576.4 sq. km
Continent Baecca
Borders Antonrue, Domi Concordia, Eresa, Gerona
Oceanic Coasts Antossic Divide, Hyperbean Ocean
Biomes Varied
Population c. 1.12 billion as of 2085
Miscellaneous information
Motto "Show glory to the Tiger Empire."
Drives on the Left
Dependencies Unknown
Time Zone (UTC-3 to -7)
Calling Code +6
Member of •Atonement of Harmony

•Capitalist Sanction

The Technocracy of San Locura is the second largest nation on the continent of Baecca. It is also one of the Founding Five nations of the Atonement of Harmony, and one of the first to join the Capitalist Sanction during the Cold War. Its economy is based on capitalism, and thus has fiscal freedom for its citizens. However, the liberties and rights of Locurans are seldom-upheld and are frequently violated by leader in standing. This has caused much of the international community to regard San Locura as a totalitarian dictatorship. Besides its disregard for human rights, San Locura is also one of the most technologically advanced countries on Junope -- only below Harbitros, Domi Concordia, and Machinam. AI-capable robots are a common sight in the public of San Locura. It is believed that San Locura is the oldest-standing nation, as it has technically existed since -3,000.

Sectors & Districts

San Locura has 13 Districts within 3 Sectors that make up the nation as a whole.

The 3 Sectors are the Akaao, Murasaki, and Midori sectors. and are mostly seen as the diffrent expansions locura has had over the years as well for which areas tend to be favored the most by the government and can offten be seen as the diffrent areas of Soical status citizens are of.

Akaao is the oldest sector and is seen as the heart of San Locura as well is the most favored and highest Soical status overall.

To the East is  the Murasaki Sector and is somewhat of a middle ground of the  three sectors as well the one with the fewest Districts with a total of 3.

To the South is the Midori Sector the least favored and lowest ranking of them all yet also made up of the largest districts and of the most amount with 6.
Locura border map named districts
Name Sector Capital Largest city Districthood Population (2085 est.)
Berugu Akaao Ichiro Kurohyou Solmonath XI, -2837 95,765,477
Ichi Midori Naotake Gurīntokage Baey IV, 1830 81,166,512
Idaina Akaao New Locura New Locura Quintillitus XVIII, -2857 96,391,559
Jinsei Akaao Akioki Sankakkei Penulber V, -2857 128,863,134
Kashou Murasaki Hotaru Heihō Nahvidax'k'ver XIX, 1766 88,322,492
Kigi Tora Akaao Kiyotari Kiyotari c. -3,270 164,614,799
Kooma Murasaki Rinmia Hishigata Sepreindus XXII, 1766 83,860,043
Nisan Midori Nobudomo Orenjiraion Threshannual X, 1832 80,418,046
Roku Midori Iwakura Risuri Junith XIX, 1837 47,128,869
Shichi Midori Yukio Yukio Baey IX, 1838 44,680,202
Shigo Midori Torayoko Mauntenraion Threshannual XVII, 1833 63,141,453
Sune-Ku Murasaki Hisoka Zōno kaeru Penulber XX, 1761 95,404,705
Yonana Midori Yukihisa Ojīchan Lamenthrobust XXVIII, 1836 50,242,709