Sashvur-BN3 Soviette Vault

Underwater Hatch

Basic Information
Owner United Soviette Republics
Type Classified documents regarding underwater technology and research
Location Off the coast of Cereus
Constructed est. 1986

The Sashvur-BN3 Soviette Vault was a small vault created by the United Soviette Republics around 1986 as a way to store extremely valuable and classified documents and technology. It was discovered by a Cerean diver whilst exploring the northwestern coast of Cereus in 2017. The only piece of the vault visible to the diver was its pressurized metal hatch. Upon alerting Cerean authorities of his discovery, the government of Cereus notified the Corporatocracy of Harbitros. Within a week of its rediscovery, a small team of Eclipse operatives were dispatched to the are and quickly went to work digging the vault out from under the sand. Upon finally freeing it from the bottom of the sea and lifting it onto a cargo ship, the Harbians opened the Soviette relic and began exploring its contents. After exploring and documenting their findings, the Harbians brought the vault to Harbitros and released a public statement summarizing the vault's contents as: "documents pertaining to deep sea exploration and research, schematics and drafts for classified underwater apparatus, and various other files."

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