Saul Black
Date of birth Penulber IX, 1976
Date of death Junith I, 2057
Nationality Alt Harbitros Flag2 Harbian
Family Cindy Black (Deceased wife)
Andrew Black (Son)
Place of residence Vice Ridge, Winsch, Harbitros
Occupation(s) Formerly the President of the Winsch Reserve Company (WRC Banks)
Yearly income est. $1.73 billion (by 2047)
Gender Male
Race Friivian
Height 1.77 meters
Hair colour White
Handedness Right-handed

Saul Black is the former president of the Winsch Reserve Company (WRC Banks), serving from 2002 to 2047, when he vanished from the public eye. His disappearance occurred upon the Corporatocracy of Harbitros discovering his ties with the stateless private terrorist group, Extrema Caeli. With the information gathered and pieced together by the Harbian Eclipse Agency, it was revealed that he had been secretly sending funds to Extrema Caeli through his own fortune and small sums originated from corporate embezzlement.

On Threshannual IV, 2052, the Corporatocracy of Harbitros launched a fullscale invasion of Extrema Caeli's headquarters -- Caelum Insula. During Operation Havenbuster, Saul Black was found and incarcerated by the Legionnaire mercenaries. He was then quickly flown from the combat zone and back to Harbitros. Arriving in Ostlyn, Saul Black was first trialed for embezzlement from his old occupation, connections to the terrorist group Extrema Caeli, and terrorism sympathizing. Upon receiving his sentences, Saul Black was then interrogated for 48 hours by the Harbian Eclipse Agency. When all his usefulness ran out, the HEA sent him to their black site of Camp Nought -- rather than the prison he was sentenced to.

On Junith I, 2057 -- on Avarice Day -- Saul Black was mysteriously beaten to death during the weekly recess in Camp Nought.

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