Schmaltz Automotive


Basic Information
Type Private corporation
Industry Automotive
Founded 2028
Founder William Schmaltz
Headquarters Ezlord, New Kertas, Harbitros
Area served Worldwide
Key individuals •William Schmaltz (President and CEO)

•Piper Smithy (Chairwoman)

Products Fusion-powered automobiles, luxury vehicles, automotive parts
Services Automotive finance, vehicle leasing, vehicle service, vehicle repairs
Revenue $6.2 billion (as of 2085)
Number of employees 27,438 (as of 2085)

Schmaltz Automotive is an automobile manufacturer founded in the late 2020s by William Schmaltz. The cars Schmaltz Automotive produces are powered by plasmafusion -- a quality unique only to itself. The designs of the cars are based on appearances of automobiles from Harbian Motors' earlier designs, and specifically the F-92 Atomobile -- a limited edition nuclear fission-powered luxury car. 

The Schmaltz automobiles are steadily increasing in popularity throughout Harbitros as of 2049. 

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