Second Sadoran Corporate War

Corporate Wars, Civil Unrest in Tierra del Sador




Tierra del Sador

  • Tierra del Sador is thrown into civil disarray
  • Tensions between Harbitros and Domi Concordia increase
  • Harena Maris Petroleum is booted out of Tierra del Sador
  • Zara Vivandez is reinstated as the nation's leader

Harena Maris Petroleum

  • Sadoran Military

Varlynne Mining Corporation

  • Jack Curtis
  • Ronald Varlynne
  • Pheldas Varlynne

Sadoran Military

  • est. 45,000 infantrymen
  • est. 37 tanks
  • 23 aircraft
  • 13 perdial voxi
  • 5 war vessels

Varlynne Mining Corporation

  • est. 3,500 mercenaries
  • est. 15 tanks
  • 75 aircraft
  • 3 aerships
  • 73 perdial voxi
  • 3 war vessels

est. 2,780

est. 583

 The Second Sadoran Corporate War, also known as the HMP-Varlynne Corporate War, was an intense corporate war between two giant oil corporations fighting for dominance over Tierra del Sador's oil. As Harena Maris Petroleum was Domi Concordia's vanguard oil corporation, and the Varlynne Mining Corporation is both Harbian and one of the most significant mining corporations, the conflict increased international tensions between the Stratocracy of Domi Concordia and the Corporatocracy of Harbitros.


After the events of the Sadoran Corporate Insurrection, HMP CEO Jack Curtis succeeded Zara Vivandez as El Cabeza of Tierra del Sador. Due to his newfound position of the small, islandic country, he decided to bar any non-Concordian oil corporations from the shores of Tierra del Sador, and forcibly ceased all foreign extractions of oil. This sudden loss of oil caused the world economy to experience minor fluctuations, and especially aggravated the oil corporations. Three years after the this occurred, Varlynne Mining Corporation decided to invade Tierra del Sador in order to reopen the international market in Tierra del Sador. 


In 2087, Jack Curtis requested that the fighting end with the Varlynne Mining Corporation. After a ceasefire occurred between the two corporations, their corporate executives met with eachother to peacefully resolve the conflict. At the end of this meeting, Harena Maris declared it would be stepping down from its de facto rule over Tierra del Sador, and Jack Curtis resigned as El Cabeza -- reinstating Zara Vivandez as the country's leader. In return, Varlynne Mining Corporation requested that Harena Maris continue to do business in the nation, but with no special privileges. 

On a geopolitical scale, however, the corporate war did not resolve successfully. The Corporatocracy of Harbitros and the Stratocracy of Domi Concordia were now at odds with one another, and tensions between the two hyperpowers began to cause fear through the world. In 2088, a year after the end of the Second Sadoran Corporate War, Viktoria Dunwall-Smythe announced that all Harbian operatives within Domi Concordia must leave Concordian territory by the end of the year, or they will be detained. When Legionnaire International attempted to extract their perdial titan still being used by Concordians in the occupation of Primondia, the Concordians rejected, and a tense standoff ensued in occupied Primondia.

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