Sezda Bubbly


Basic Information
Type International corporation


•Food products


Founded 1925
Founder Blake Wyne and Forrest Mayer
Headquarters New Cragday, Shrinehill, Harbitros
Area served Worldwide
Products Numerous soft drinks, Numerous energy drinks, Numerous alcohols, Numerous snack food products
Revenue c. $127.6 billion (as of 2085)

•Zeifu Bubbly

•Sezda Soda Company

•Mr. Gale's Winter Delight

•Numerous others

Number of employees 581,416 (as of 2085)
Website www.sezda.cor/

Sezda Bubbly, formerly Zeifu Sezda Multinational, is a worldwide beverage corporation that makes numerous soft drink products, as well as energy drinks, sports drinks, beers, wines, champagnes, and snack food products. It was founded by the merger between Zeifu Bubbly and the Sezda Soda Company in 1925. In 2068, the corporation was rebranded to Sezda Bubbly.