Sid Crayton
Cool guy 3
Date of birth Hallowtempora III, 2047
Date of death Sepreindus II, 2083
Nationality Alt Harbitros Flag2 Harbian
Family Wendel Crayton (Brother)
Gender Male
Race Friivian
Height 1.8 meters
Hair colour Light brown
Handedness Right-handed
 Sid Crayton was the older brother of Wendel Crayton, an esteemed physicist for Project Prismbeam until the 2079 Carmine Valley Heist. Unlike his brother, Sid is a grifter and relatively poor. Though he did not live in Vice Ridge like his brother, he often visited it due to the shadier places the city contains.

Sid Crayton was killed by a nuclear explosion during the Battle of Tranche Island, whilst trying to escape aboard Caeli Trogotha.

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