The Somberton UFO Incident, also commonly referred to as the Somberton Crash, was an event that took place on Nahvidax'k'ver XXIV, 1956 approximately at 3:15 AM.

Somberton UFO Incident
UFO Crash2

Nahvidax'k'ver XXIV, 1956


Near Somberton, New Sarasa, Harbitros


An unidentified flying object crash-landing near the town of Somberton

The Incident

Approximately 3:15 AM on Nahvidax'k'ver XXIV, 1956 an unidentified flying object -- described and appearing as a large, metallic disc -- crash-landed in the outskirts of Somberton, New Sarasa. The UFO was seen by several Sombertonians as it quickly descended before its impact. They also described it as creating a low, static-humming sound that they could feel. As it crashed around a mile from the west of Somberton, several residents reported seeing a dull green flash on the night horizon. Soon thereafter, agents of the Harbian Eclipse Agency were on the scene and surrounded the downed UFO. However, before their arrival one Somberton citizen -- Greg O'Maly -- was able to take a photograph of the settled object.

30 minutes after the incident (est. 3:45 AM), the HEA cleaned up the debris of the alleged spaceship and had removed its presence from the Grand Winsch Desert. Despite the Corporatocracy and the Harbian Eclipse Agency claiming it was a miniature advertisement zeppelin that had crashed near Somberton the next day, much of the world believed it to be of otherworldly origins. 

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