Sov Detak-0

Unfinished Soviette Mech

Basic Information
Manufacturer United Soviette Republics, Soviette National Arms Department
Type Bipedal perdial vox
Designed est. 1983-1988 (cancelled)
Number built 1 (incomplete)
Height 4.2 meters

The Sov Detak-0 was an incomplete intraugmized vehicle and the precursor to all perdial voxi. It was supposedly designed from 1983 to 1988, when it was cancelled due to the United Soviette Republics destabilizing near the turn of the decade. All documentation and information on the Sov Detak-0 were placed in a Soviette vault shortly before the fall of communism, though it is unknown as to where the actual prototype was placed. 

The Corporatocracy of Harbitros discovered the vault its information was hidden in decades later. The statistics and documents the Harbians found would later lead to designing and creating the first perdial vox.

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