The Soviette-Niranian War was a long offensive by the United Soviette Republics against the Republic of Nira to forcibly convert it into a communist state after negotiations failed to achieve this goal.

Soviette-Niranian War
USR in Azium

Cold War





  • Military stalemate
  • USR withdraws its forces
  • Nira falls into civil war
  • Niranian civil war spills over into Southern Askersia

Soviette Eulumia Flag Soviette Republics

Flag of Nira Republic of Nira

  • Soviette Eulumia Flag Sully Varmint
  • Soviette Eulumia Flag Ruzkro Tarnche
  • Soviette Eulumia Flag Yanne Orzov
  • Flag of Nira Shreua Sharshokk
  • Flag of Nira Arn Q'err

Soviette Forces

  • 205,250 infantrymen
  • 800 tanks
  • 3,000 aircraft

Niranian Armed Forces

  • 371,650 infantrymen
  • 233 tanks
  • 740 aircraft

est. 82,350

est. 1.73 million (mostly civilians)

The War

A large militant taskforce arrived in the Republic of Nira on Lamenthrobust IX, 1981. The taskforce then quickly overtook a city and declared itself to be the United Soviette Republics. The Republic of Nira immediately retaliated, deploying its military. However, the two belligerents met and a large firefight -- later referred to as the Three Day Stand of Corrnuklasetens -- initiated. The war ended in 1989, when the USR -- under authorization by Sully Varmint -- withdrew due to domestic problems and instability.

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