Soviette Excavation Incident
Soviette Excavation III

Cold War


Aeostril IX, 1970


Coast of the Glacieon Sea, Antossa

  • The Soviette excavation team is terminated
  • The Cold War intensifies

Soviette Eulumia Flag United Soviette Republics

CS flag bettr Capitalist Sanction


Soviette Eulumia Flag Travis Vlazkon

CS flag bettr Blake Sinslay


USR Excavation Team

  • 17 members
  • 6 snow-traversal vehicles
  • 1 ship

Capitalist Sanction

  • 30 operatives
  • 2 ships



The Soviette Excavation Incident, or the Antossa Massacre, was a highly controversial event that occurred on Aeostril IX, 1970. The Corporatocracy of Harbitros had gathered intelligence on a small excavation team sent by the United Soviette Republics to the Glacieon Sea on 

Soviette Excavation

Travis Vlazkon during the Soviette excavation

Antossa, to try and locate the missing Harbian cargo ship Trosseas. Upon reporting this to the Capitalist Sanction, the organization mobilized a small deployment of CICS operatives into the operating region. However, a miscommunication of orders caused the CS agents to engage the Soviettes, ending in all 17 of the excavation members' being killed in a skirmish. All members of the CS strike team were Concordian or Vorenntan. 

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